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Well Hello There!

If you were to scroll down and look at the date of our last blog post you would see that it’s been a long time…which is a shame because a lot has happened in the past year.  Great weddings, time spent with family and friends, hunting trips, vacations; you know, the usual things.  But if there was one big reason why our blog posting stopped I would have to say her name is Elsie.  She was born on March 2nd, 2013 and we’ve dedicated a lot of time over the last year learning to become parents.  We’ve loved watching her grow from a tiny newborn to a bigger, more mobile baby.  She has totally changed our lives and made everything better.  (Even poop you ask?  Well…kind of.)  Her laugh and smile are infectious and we love seeing parts of ourselves in her (hopefully only the good parts…)  She is smart and curious, very friendly and loves waving at everyone she sees.  As of this writing she likes strawberries, but that could certainly change.  Jessica and I love her more than anything and we are so excited to be parents to an almost one year old daughter.  So with that we say welcome back to the blog and don’t worry, we’ll post a little more frequently.

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