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Heather and Nick Part 2 | T Lazy 7 Ranch Wedding

Here is part one in case you missed it.  Heather and Nick had both their ceremony and reception at the T Lazy 7 Ranch in Aspen.  Everything went perfectly, weather was great, food was delicious, people were wonderful.

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Jessica gave the best wedding toast I’ve ever heard…and I’ve heard a lot of them.T Lazy 7 Ranch_00051Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00052Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00053Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00054Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00055Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00056Pin IT

There were a few stars out that night.T Lazy 7 Ranch_00057Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00058Pin IT

We were pretty excited too!T Lazy 7 Ranch_00059Pin IT


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