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T Lazy 7 Ranch Wedding | Heather and Nick

Like I’ve mentioned before…we love Colorado mountain weddings.  That’s only one of the reasons we were so excited for Heather and Nick’s wedding at the T Lazy 7 Ranch for the wedding.  But the reason we were most excited is because Heather is Jessica’s sister.  So Jessica was pulling triple duty this weekend…matron of honor, photographer and wedding planner.  We couldn’t have been happier to see Heather and Nick finally tie the knot and their wedding was truly perfect.

We took a lot of amazing images so we’re going to have to split this up into two posts.  Here goes…

T Lazy 7 Ranch_00001Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00002Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00003Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00004Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00005Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00006Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00007Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00008Pin IT

I’ve taken a lot of wedding photos in my life…literally hundreds of thousands.  This is one of my all time favorites.T Lazy 7 Ranch_00009Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00010Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00011Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00012Pin IT

We were amazingly lucky that this field was full of these amazing purple and blue flowers.  Not to mention the perfect blue sky.T Lazy 7 Ranch_00013Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00014Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00015Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00016Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00017Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00018Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00019Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00020Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00021Pin IT

I had to toss in a picture of Elsie.T Lazy 7 Ranch_00022Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00023Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00024Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00025Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00026Pin ITT Lazy 7 Ranch_00027Pin IT

Check back in a few days for Part 2!

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