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And now we wait…

Life is about to get a bit more interesting.  We are happy to announce that as of this Tuesday, our baby is full-term! View full post »

Finley and Grayson | 11 Months

Why are kids so cute?!?  When my good friend Terra announced that she and her husband, Matt were having twins lastView full post »

Twenty-six Point Two | Colfax Marathon

It’s been a couple of days and he’s still walking like Frankenstein…but he did it!  26.2View full post »

Super Moon Skiing | Personal

A few weeks ago several of our friends decided to go night skiing.  That’s right…skiing in the middle ofView full post »

tulips | personal

I…love…tulips. Delicate and fragile.  Bold and beautiful in nearly every color.  But perhaps the thing IView full post »

4-Wheel Drive | How I survived 2 weeks on the road with my husband | Part Three

If you are just catching up on reading our blog be sure to go back and read the first two blog posts of this seriesView full post »

Freeze-dried Food & Oreos | How I survived 2 weeks on the road with my husband | Part Two

If you’ve just checked our blog be sure to go back and read Part One of this series entitled “Drugs andView full post »

Drugs and Earplugs | How I survived 2 weeks on the road with my husband | Part One

Interesting blog post title?  Yes…but it is partly true.  No – I didn’t need the drugs or theView full post »

A trip to an antique store, some film cameras and pictures of me as a baby…

I’ve never been ashamed to admit that I don’t know much about film (you know the way people used to takeView full post »

Get Moving…

Andrew and I will be leaving next week for a two week road trip adventure out west! We’ve been wanting toView full post »

Have you ever been snowshoeing? Because It’s fun!

A few weekends ago we took a snowshoeing trip to Jones Pass which is off of Hwy. 40 on the Denver side of BerthoudView full post »

Why You NEED to Read Linchpin by Seth Godin…

First of all if you haven’t ready anything by Seth Godin you cold very easily start with his blog which containsView full post »

What do wedding photographers do in their spare time?

I’m sure everyone thinks we live a glamorous and exciting life filled with expensive cars, trips around theView full post »

Denver Wedding Photographer or the next Martha Stewart?

Andrew and I are quite possibly two of the biggest Christmas fanatics on the face of the earth! As I type right now,View full post »

Smile back!

I wanted to write a follow-up to a few things I tweeted about yesterday. I went to the grocery store this afternoonView full post »

South Dakota Family Vacation-The Schaefer Family…

This summer we took a family vacation to South Dakota (sounds exciting huh?) and we had so much fun. It was a full-onView full post »

Colorado Elk Hunting-18 Days of Freeze Dried Food

For as long as I can remember September has been hunting month. I went hunting with my dad for the first time when IView full post »

Why MHP Is Awesome!

For any of the photographers who are members of MHP I think (hope) you’ve seen some of the benefits to your lifeView full post »

Let’s Hike a 14er!

My buddy Jon called me last week and asked if I wanted to climb Mount of the Holy Cross? 12 miles, 4700 feet ofView full post »

I just have to post this and talk about it….

Jess was grocery shopping today and when she got home I was putting the cereal away when I realized the box was theView full post »